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Visitor Management System

Security challenges for any organizations increase with its growth. A big part of security protocols for any organization is visitor management. A number of visitors visit the office area of the company on a regular basis. These visitors can be friends, the family of the employees, maintenance staff, customers, competitors, government officials etc. Keeping track of all the visitors without a Visitor Management System can be very ineffective and cause problems with security.

A Visitor Management System improves security, helps with better tracking of the individuals in the office areas. The nature of visits also plays an important part in this as some visitors require more access than others. Apart from that the duration of the visit can also vary from a short span to a longer one.

How It Works?

Visitor Management System makes sure that the security team can track all the visitors present on the premises. On entry, the visitor’s details will be stored in the system and after verifying the nature of their visit they will be given an ID Card with the level of access their visit requires. The time of their entry will be recorded in the system helping to limit the duration of the visit.

This helps in any lapse of security as no stranger can just walk into the premises by filling out any details in the log register.

Benefits Of Visitor Management System

Better First Impressions

The visitors which are genuine will have a professional first impression of your company. The first impression matters regardless of the size or nature of the business conducted by the organization.

Reinforced Security

As the visitors will have to pass through the Visitor Management System, they can’t enter the premises under false pretenses. The information about the visitors that is stored in the system can only be accessed by authorized personnel which keeps any sensitive information safe.

Improved Efficiency

The signup forms can be sent to the visitors prior to the meeting and their data can be stored in the system to create their visitor’s batch. On their visit, they just need to sign their name and collect their batch from the office. They can also provide a specific reference code which they will need to enter into the system on arrival to get access.

Increased Productivity

In the case of regular visits for maintenance or any other work in the office, visitor’s details can be filled in the system with the duration and level of access. This will save time and energy required to go through the same process on regular basis.Visitor Management System helps an organization create a seamless and efficient way to track and manage the visitors in the facility.