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We provide IT & Business solutions

Our solutions and services are aimed at problem solving and need fulfillment rather than a sales push. Through our initiatives and service delivery we either make or save money for the customer while eliminating pain points and headaches.

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Web Development

Comprehensive web development services embracing open-source technologies and enterprise platforms. Harnessing the power of open source frameworks to deliver scalable and cost-effective solutions

Enterprise Portal Development

Specializing in enterprise portal development, including e-Government solutions and process automation. Transforming organizations with efficient e-Gov portals, enhancing public services and accessibility.

Mobile App Development

Innovative mobile app development solutions Expertise in hybrid and cross platform development Wider audience reach without compromising performance

Digital Marketing

Unlock the full potential of your business with our comprehensive digital marketing services. From PPC campaigns to SEO strategies that boost organic visibility, and SMO to engage your audience on social platforms. Elevate your mobile app's presence by ASO

Staff Augmentation

Seamlessly scale your workforce with our staff augmentation service Access top talent with our full-time resources, ensuring dedicated support and expertise For more flexible requirements, leverage our part-time resources to optimize costs

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What we promise high quality IT Agency Services

Samtech believes in Account Management. Our relationship with our customers and prospects are long term more as a partner rather than an outsourcing vendor or consultant.

Our solutions and services are aimed at problem solving and need fulfillment rather than a sales push. Through our initiatives and service delivery we either make or save money for the customer while eliminating pain points and headaches.

We are continually refining quality of our engagement with customers through unbiased customer feedbacks at all relevant levels.

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Question & Answer

Most common question about our services

Where can I get analytics help?

We offer analytics services as part of their package. They can help you integrate analytics tools, set up custom tracking, and provide reports on website performance.

How much does data analytics costs?

The cost of data analytics for a company website can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the website, the level of analytics required, the scope of data analysis, and the resources available.

What kind of data is needed for analysis?

The data needed for analysis of a company website typically falls into various categories, providing insights into different aspects of website performance, user behavior, and business goals.

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25 January

Safeguard Your Digital Footprint: Essential Cyber Best Practices

Introduction to Cybersecurity and Its Importance In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is paramount. With the constant evolution of technology, our online presence is more than ever before. Understanding the evolving threat landscape and the potential risks to our personal and professional lives is crucial in safeguarding our digital footprints. By adapting proactive cyber defence strategies, […]

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Real time Fraud Detection
15 January

Real-Time Fraud Detection: Breaking the Shield in a Digital Age

The issue’s importance has only increased in today’s age, characterised by rapid technological development and a boom in online transactions. On the other hand, real-time fraud detection emerges as a significant source of protection against cybercriminals’ changing strategies since it preemptively ensures that virtual environments are secured. The Digital Battlefield: Why Real-Time Matters The fight […]

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21 July

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) confront cybersecurity threats that might have disastrous repercussions in an increasingly connected and digital world. Protecting your digital assets and consumer information is essential to the success and reputation of your business. This blog article will go through the fundamental cybersecurity best practices that SMEs may use to reduce risks […]

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